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Large Format Tile: What are the benefits?

If you've watched any home improvement shows or visited any home centers lately, you've probably noticed that tile sizes are growing! Most homeowners fear that their space is too small or that the "bones" of their home aren't sufficient to accommodate a larger tile. When people refer to "Large format tile" they are most likely referring to any tile that is larger than 15" on one side. Here you will learn the basics about large format tile and… View More


The Difference in Quartz and Natural Stone

Brief Description: Granite and Marble slabs are quarried directly from the earth in large blocks that are later cut down into individual slabs. Quartz countertops contain crushed quartz (93%) and a resin (7%) to create a very strong countertop material. Which type is best for you? Quartz countertops are non-porous so they don't require any sealing. They are… View More


Soapstone: Too Soft for My Countertops?

The answer is no! Soapstone is not harmed by acids, wine, hot pots or pans, or other chemicals. The substance is naturally “non-porous” meaning it will not absorb other substances. Although the stone does not need a sealant for protection, some homeowners choose to use oil to enhance the rich, dark color of the soapstone. Soapstone is the go-to choice for science labs because of its durability and little-to-no maintenance. Because it’s… View More


Why Choose a Wood-look Tile over Hardwood?

Why choose a wood-like tile over hardwood? Cost Hardwood floors have a great range in price. You might find some as low as $5 to as much as $20. When you add installation and the maintenance of the floor over time, you might be looking at a greater expense than a porcelain tile. Advances in technology have allowed companies to produce porcelain tile that can take on the look of an exotic… View More


Thinking about an outdoor kitchen?

Thinking about an outdoor kitchen?Most indoor kitchens have a return on investment (ROI) of 70%- 80%. According to quicken loans “building an outdoor kitchen can get you about the same if not more return on investment.” In order to truly determine whether an outdoor kitchen is right for you, you must first consider a few things.Where do you… View More

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