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Large Format Tile: What are the benefits?

If you've watched any home improvement shows or visited any home centers lately, you've probably noticed that tile sizes are growing! Most homeowners fear that their space is too small or that the "bones" of their home aren't sufficient to accommodate a larger tile. When people refer to "Large format tile" they are most likely referring to any tile that is larger than 15" on one side. Here you will learn the basics about large format tile and if it is right for you. 

Space: Large tiles can make a room feel expansive. The fewer the grout lines- the better. Too many grout lines can give you the illusion that a space is smaller than it is. Rectangular shaped tiles can elongate the room, giving it a more open feel. Open-concept homes are a perfect example of when to use a larger format tile.

Maintenance: This is another situation when you can say- the fewer the grout lines, the better. With less grout to clean, you can save time and money. The tile will most likely look better longer. You can obtain almost any look with a porcelain tile which is easy to clean and unlikely to scratch or chip with everyday use. 

Tiled Walls: You can create a seamless look on a feature wall or even a shower by using larger tiles. It is easy to wipe down and can give the illusion of a bigger space.  

Installation: It is important to make sure that your installer is aware of the extra preparation needed when installing a larger tile. There are a number of systems out there to ensure that your floor or wall is level and will not crack over time. Some of these systems can serve multiple purposes like waterproofing or even include heat for a heated floor. 

So before you decide that large format tile is out of the question, make sure you consider all the benefits and talk to a professional about how it could work for you!


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